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Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! ^__^

I dedicate this blog for my fangirl feels and rants that I couldn't suppress! This blog contains mostly my precious loots and collections. (≧∇≦)/ I may not be good at writing stuff, but my feelings are true and sincere LOL. I love to keep my posts short as possibe hahaha. My account has been set to FRIENDS ONLY.... If you want to view my (sometimes) useless posts, add me up!

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Hello! I've updated my sales post from my extra items and leftovers from my split orders. I also need to sell my Non-Niou items </3  Feel free to take a look! :)


*Prices are in USD
*Shipping via EMS or RegSal (international)
*Payment will be made by Paypal (family and friends method)
*Sold items will be deleted

SHIPPING RATES (updated - August 28, 2016)

[Ordinary Mail]

grams     ||     Zone 1     ||     Zone 2     ||     Zone 3     ||   Zone 4
   51-100   ||   PHP 157   ||    PHP 190   ||   PHP 230   ||   PHP 241
  101-250   ||
  PHP 297   ||    PHP 398   ||   PHP 498   ||   PHP 526
251-500   ||   PHP 608   ||    PHP 750   ||   PHP 952   ||   PHP 1002

[Registered Mail]
grams     ||     Zone 1     ||     Zone 2     ||     Zone 3    ||   Zone 4  
51-100   ||   PHP 227   ||    PHP 260   ||   PHP 300   ||   PHP 311
101-250   ||   PHP 367   ||    PHP 468   ||   PHP 568   ||   PHP 596
251-500   ||   PHP 678   ||    PHP 820   || PHP 1022 ||   PHP 1072

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04 December 2016 @ 12:01 am
I'll try to keep it short as possible :D
First of all, I would like to greet my super adorable and loving husband of mine, Niou Masaharu!!
You don't know how long I have waited for this day to come!!! ^3^)/ <3

I remember like it was just yesterday when my heart fell for you. Back then, I was forced to make a decision on who to choose. (Niou or Atobe). And Thank God! I DID NOT REGRET ANYTHING WHEN I CHOSE YOU! When I made that decision, I promised myself and to you that I will only love you. For the first time, I felt all kinds of emotions whenever you're involved. Jealousy, Anxiety, Sadness... and of course, Happiness <3  I've never felt anything like it before towards a fictional character. You are very special to me. You became part of my life completely until now. How I wish I could go back in time so that I could have loved you from the very beginning :') It has only been 5 or 6 years since I started loving Niou like a real guy/boyfriend. I can't seem to replace him in my heart~ He's always my number one ^^ I have already overcome the ordeals that went through my life because of him~ I was able to graduate nicely because I used him as an inspiration. I was able to find work for almost two years now because i was motivated by him~ The Audrey now is completely different and stronger than before because of him ^^ Niou is my everything. Niou is my life!

I am dedicating myself to him, and only him. Forever, until I die~
I love you, Niou Masaharu
I will always love you~
Forever, and ever~
Till death do us part~

-from your loyal and loving wifey,
Audrey Niou


After that short and corny birthday message, I will now present you...... MY NIOU KINGDOM 2016!
A shrine where I put all my love and effort to my special someone :3

Click here to visit my Niou Kingdom ^^Collapse )
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05 January 2016 @ 06:31 am

Good day! I am selling my leftover items from the splits. I am shipping from PH and I also ship internationally.

Feel free to take a look! ^___^


  1. Seigaku Vinyl Pouch 9USD

  2. Echizen Anikuji Trumps Clear File Set 10USD

  3. Echizen Prince Style Mini Clear File 5USD

  4. Kite Travel Mini Clear File 5USD

  5. Marui Travel Mini Clear File 5USD

  6. Echizen Summer Morning Mini Clear File 5USD

  7. Marui Summer Morning Mini Clear File 5USD on hold

  8. Mukahi Bed Time Mini Clear File 5USD

  9. Echizen Bed Time Mini Clear File 5USD

  10. Echizen Morning Time Mini Clear File 5USD

  11. Mukahi Morning Time Mini Clear File 5USD

  12. Echizen Training Mini Clear File 5USD

  13. Marui Chocolate Mini Clear File 5USD

  14. Kai & Rin Shopping Sticker 7USD

  15. Koharu & Yuuji Shopping Sticker 7USD

  16. Mukahi Shopping Sticker 7USD

  17. Marui Shopping Sticker 7USD

  18. Ryoga Shopping Sticker 7USD

  19. Kai & Rin One Year Sticker 7USD

  20. Kai Relax Time Sticker 7USD

  21. Kenya Workplace Sticker 7USD

  22. Yanagi Workplace Sticker 7USD

  23. Rin Workplace Sticker 7USD

  24. Hiyoshi Workplace Sticker 7USD

  1. Echizen In The Snow Poster (Shiny&Normal) 10USD

  2. Kite Pirate Poster 5USD

  3. Kintarou Quotation Plate 5USD

  4. Kite Quotation Plate 5USD

  5. Oni Quotation Plate 5USD

  6. Echizen Quotation Plate 5USD

  7. Tokugawa Keychain 5USD

  8. Yukimura Keychain 5USD

  9. Echizen Can Badge 6USD

  10. Tokugawa Voice Mascot 8USD

  11. Oni Yura Clip 7USD

  12. Mizuki Trading Card 1USD

  13. Yukimura Trading Card 1USD

  14. Sengoku Trading Card (2x) 1USD each

  15. Kawamura Trading Card (2x) 1USD each

  16. Mukahi Trading Card 1USD

  17. Oni Trading Card 1USD


  1. Cecil Clear File 5USD

  2. Otoya Clear File 5USD

  3. Cecil Voice Mascot 9USD

  4. Syo Voice Mascot 9USD

  5. Otoya Voice Mascot 8USD

  6. Otoya Rubber Mascot 5USD

  7. Hyuuga Rubber Mascot 5USD

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